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​Material physical and chemical performance testing platform

The physical and chemical performance testing platform of materials serves the testing needs of products and R&D samples of BTR, and is also committed to improving the accuracy of physical and chemical performance testing methods of new energy materials, diversifying characterization methods, and standardizing testing methods. Strive to build a benchmark laboratory and a public service platform for the new energy materials industry. In February 2021, it was recognized by CNAS again, and the test results of lithium battery materials were internationally recognized.

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Material electrochemical performance testing and failure analysis platform

The platform of electrochemical performance testing and failure analysis of materials includes the semi-cell test module, the symmetric cell test module, the primitive pouch cell test module, the in-situ test module and the electrochemical simulation calculation module, which is equipped with the capabilities of comprehensive characterization, simulation and analysis from semi-cell to full- battery, from ex-situ to in-situ testing, and from simulation calculation to experimental verification. This platform enables the in-depth analysis of the properties, mechanisms and failure processes of raw materials, powder materials and batteries.

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Battery design, manufacturing and testing platform

The battery design, production and testing platform of LIB, contain with a complete lithium-ion battery production experimental line, proven material application process system and national standards of battery electrochemical test laboratory. Integrated design, production and testing, it serves the new energy materials industry, providing advanced material application technical reserve, such as dry electrode, sodium ion battery application, electrochemical simulation and long term cycle performance prediction, etc.

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