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A new milestone in the globalization strategy! BTR officially signed a contract with the Moroccan government
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Global layout

On March 29th, BTR and the Moroccan government signed an investment agreement in Rabat, setting up a project company in Morocco to invest in the construction of lithium battery cathode material projects, meet market demand, and expand overseas market share. Moroccan Prime Minister Aziz Akhennouch, Chinese Ambassador to Morocco Li Changlin, and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Morocco Zheng Wei attended the signing ceremony and met with BTR Chairman He Xueqin.

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According to the agreement between the two parties, the BTR Mediterranean project is located in the Tangier Science and Technology Park in Morocco, and will build a positive electrode material manufacturing plant to produce key materials for lithium-ion batteries in stages. Construction is expected to start in the second quarter of 2024.

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At the signing ceremony, both parties had in-depth exchanges on the global new energy market, the development of Morocco's new energy industry, the global layout of BTR, and technological innovation. Moroccan Prime Minister Aziz Akhennouch recognized BTR's globalization strategy and proposed to actively support BTR's project construction in Morocco.

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BTR Chairman He Xueqin stated that BTR will leverage its innovation capabilities and manufacturing experience to build North Africa's first ternary positive electrode project, turning the Mediterranean project into a green and intelligent high-level production base,To build a benchmark base for Chinese enterprises in battery materials in North Africa, further strengthen global supply chain construction, and contribute wisdom and strength to promote global low-carbon energy development.

Morocco is the first country in North Africa to sign the "the Belt and Road" cooperation plan with China. It has rich raw material resources, good geographical advantages, stable political and economic environment, and friendly foreign trade policies.

The new energy market is a global competitive stage, and only by grasping the pulse of the global market can we stand out in fierce competition.BTR will continue to deepen its global layout, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international partners, and jointly promote innovation and application of new energy technologies.

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