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  • Microcrystalline Graphite-based Anode Material

    Through high-efficiency flotation, low-cost purification and innovative modification technology, microcrystalline graphite-based anode materials with unique properties comparable to flake graphite are obtained, which enrich the types and selectivity of graphite anode materials.
  • Modified carbon powder for MPL

    Designed for the next generation ultrathin GDL products;Optimizing the water management and durability of GDLs;Improving the high power performance and service life of PEMFCs
  • Mesoporous carbon supports for Pt/C catalysts

    Designed for the next generation MEA with ultralow Pt loading;Avoiding the poisoning effect from ionomer, hence improving the activity of Pt catalysts;Reducing the deterioration of catalyst resulted from Pt dissolving and carbon corrosion, hence improving the service life of catalyst layer;Maximizing the availability of Pt, hence ensuring the high performance of MEA with ultralow Pt loading
  • Lithium-carbon composite materials

    With the specific micro-scale structural design of carbon skelton,using advanced compositing-technique, we obtain ultra-high capacity、low-volume expansion and long cycle lithium-carbon composite materials.
  • Perovskite solar cells

    By employing hybrid perovskite-based materials as absorbing layer, efficient and stable perovskite solar cells (PSCs) with low cost could be fabricated, rivaling already the commerciallized silicon cells. The development of PSCs opens new era towards future photovoltaic technologies and markets.
  • Dry electrode technology

    Dry electrode is a kind of green and environment friendly production technology that mixes dry powder of electrode active material, makes the film into fibrosis, and then produce the electrode without solvent, which greatly reduces the time, cost and energy consumption of the large-scale electrode production.
  • Electrode materials for sodium ion batteries

    Cathode materials: Based on the construction of customized precursors,high-capacity and low-cost layered oxide cathodes with long calendar life are prepared; The sodium content and crystal defects in Prussian white material can be controlled by adjusting the key parameters during the precipitation process.Anode materials: Using biomass sources, low-cost and high-performance anode materials are prepared by regulating the layer spacing and microporous structure of the carbon-based material.
  • Solid electrolyte materials

    Utilizing micro/nano processing technique, we manufacture inorganic solid-state electrolyte with high ionic conductivity and excellent stability; Applying in-situ polymerization technique, we produce organic solid electrolyte with high ionic conductivity at room temperature. We fuel the industrialization of high specific energy and high safety solid-state batteries.
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